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How You Can Incorporate Sustainable Tourism Into Your Next Trip

You may have witnessed that not all tourism positively impacts the communities that it showcases. Investing in activities and relationships that create opportunities for the host communities that I visit in Afro-Latin America is central to my business. And there are ways that you can incorporate sustainable tourism practices into your activities as a traveler.

Those that engage in sustainable tourism seek to lessen their negative impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate economic opportunities for local people.

You can use these three sustainable tourism principles when developing your next trip:

1. Tourism is fair and honest. - Engage in equitable relationships with service providers and host communities, and pay justly for the value that you receive.

2. Tourism is non-violent. - Support activities that do not result in the harm of people, animals, or natural resources.

3. Tourism is inclusive. - Support activities and vendors that help to educate others; resulting in the dismantling of bias, prejudice, and generalizations.

You can watch the video where I explain the concept of sustainable tourism, and how my partners in Cuba are developing innovative programming that provide positive impact on its community while sharing their unique culture. And you can be a part of it...

This July I will be hosting an immersive cultural experience in Guanabacoa, Cuba. Known as the cradle of African traditional spirituality and culture in the region, the residents of the town have developed a tourism business that exposes tourists to their identity and culture in an authentic, sustainable way. You can learn more here.

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