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January 29 - February 4, 2025

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Discover Afro-Brazilian Spirituality in

Brazil's Blackest City

Experience the magic of Bahia's Afro-Brazilian culture and spirituality during six days in paradise. 

Immerse yourself in vibrant African traditions, soulful Candomblé rituals, and the breathtaking scenery of Brazil’s Blackest city during its annual celebration of the African goddess of the sea.

Along with local guides and spiritual leaders, I will show you Bahia's rich heritage, and curate joyful moments just for you.


A Chance to Focus on You​


This experience is more than just a trip—it's an opportunity to engage authentically with locals, participate in the vibrant tapestry of Afro-Brazilian culture, and reconnect deeply with yourself.


Amidst the rhythms of Bahia and the richness of its traditions, you'll find moments of reflection, growth, and opportunities to rediscover the power and beauty within you.


Discover the Spiritual

Come to Salvador to pay homage to the goddess of the sea amidst the lively festivities of the annual Festa de Iemanja.


You'll be guided in sacred rituals such as a spiritual reading, herbal bath, and private offering to Iemanja herself— offering you a unique opportunity to participate the rich cultural heritage of Bahia while experiencing profound spiritual connections..


Immerse in African Heritage


Explore the streets pulsating with the rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music, savor the flavors of traditional cuisine influenced by African culinary traditions, and discover the intricate artistry of local artisans preserving their ancestral crafts.


Each moment of this trip offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Salvador's African roots..

Get the Ancestral Spirits Itinerary & Pricing


I left with an increased sense of self and body positivity. Seeing other people that looked like me in terms of skin tone, and body type, was a powerful reflection.


I felt the ancestors present in everything we did and each place we visited. I was able to see myself in my fullness through this experience.

- Kiara, Social Worker & Healer

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