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A Celebration of Iemanja

January 30 - February 5, 2024

Registration Closed

Discover Afro-Brazilian Spirituality

Salvador da Bahia is home to the region's largest celebration of Iemanja (Yemaya) each February. Thousands of her followers make a pilgrimage to the city, and pay their respects through processions and ceremonies at the ocean.

This immersive cultural experience will ground you in the foundations of Candomblé, a religion derived from Yoruba spiritual practices carried from West African by the enslaved people brought to Brazil against their will.

Over six days you will have the chance to touch creations dedicated to honoring ancestors, you will feel their presence and providence over your being as you taste foods created especially for the enhancement of the spiritual experience of humans. And you will be at the foot of several beautiful beaches that can soothe your soul.


This uniquely curated experience is for travelers that enjoy customized attention, and whom value opportunities to explore on their own, while intentionally supporting Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs and the local economy.

Iemanja will be at the center of the activities happening in the city, but you will have the chance to explore the fullness of Blackness in Bahia, the city also known as Black Rome.

Below is a sample itinerary, which is subject to change.

Uncover how Salvador's Black citizens gave birth to a cultural so in tuned with its Africaness. And take some time for yourself to reconnect with nature, people, and your spirit.


Be transformed.

Hop on a 15 minute call with me to chat through the details.

A Balanced Itinerary withYou in Mind

Over the course of 6 days, undergo an authentic cultural immersion in Brazil's Blackest city. Each day will strike a balance between experiential learning, site seeing, and down time that you can curate on your own.

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Day 1 - Meet Black Rome

Descend into beautiful Bahia and be whisked off to a your beachfront hotel suite in one of the city's tourist hubs.

Catch an incredible sunset, then spend a relaxing evening at an exclusive reception welcoming you to this uniquely historical place known as

Black Rome.


On the Water
Day 2 - Get To Know Candomblé

A spiritual leader from the Candomble faith will lead you in a spiritual cleansing, a spiritual reading, and share with you which Orisha owns your head. Then, leave an offering to Iemanja during a private ceremony at the ocean.


End the day with a sunset picnic and professional photoshoot of you in paradise before being whisked off to dinner and a performance by the country's premier Afro-Brazilian dance company.

Day 3 - Get a Historical Grounding

Take a walking tour of Salvador's historic district and learn about the Black hands that built the city. End the tour in the main square by offering libations and a moment of silence in honor of our resilient African ancestors.


Stop for lunch and taste the best fried fish on this side of the equator!

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Day 4 - Commune with the Orishas

Enjoy a calm morning, followed by a refreshing lunch featuring the region's most iconic dishes.

Spend the afternoon learning more deeply about the Candomble spiritual tradition; visiting spiritual houses and sacred spaces. End the day by making witnessing a community offering to the orishas.

Day 5 - Honor Iemanja

Join the one of the city's processions toward the water to present offerings to Iemanja on her day of celebration. Observe practitioners as they shout out in appreciation for the guidance she has provided in their lives.

Make a personalized offering and petition for her protection in your life.

Day 6 - Wind Down

Plan the morning at your leisure. The spend the afternoon shopping for souvenirs, and have one final spiritual reading about your future.

Later on, join the rest of the group for a farewell reception complete with a unique parting gift that will keep Salvador Bahia on your mind until your next visit!

What Clients Say About My Trips


Being able to not just talk-- but interact, eat, and socialize with [locals] was an invaluable experience that I wouldn't have been able to get from any other travel experience.

- Sonji, medical school admissions director

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Registration Package

When you register for Ancestral Spirits, you are making an active choice to invest in your growth as a global citizen, while also supporting Black and women-owned small businesses.

Here's what's included:

  • Six nights stay in one of Salvador's top beachfront hotels (single and double options available)

  • Two meals (including breakfast) daily at the city's best restaurants

  • Chauffeured executive style airport pickup and drop-off.

  • Admission fees for all scheduled tours

  • Transportation to all scheduled events and excursions

  • 'Spiritual Connections' gift bag filled with local treats and treasures

  • Luxurious parting gift to memorialize your trip

  • Pre-departure webinar, Safety & Security briefing, and private WhatsApp group for participants

  • Access to customized travel planning and Portuguese language resources

  • Private room with sea view

  • Breakfast Buffet included

  • 24 hour security on premises

  • Access to hotel amenities: Pool, gym, wifi

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