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This series of online travel guides features inclusive and affirming spaces and places where Black and Queer travelers can show up as their full selves. Each recommendation is locally sourced from people who live and thrive in Black, gay, trans, and allied communities throughout the global African diaspora.

Seeking places where you can feel affirmed as you travel is important. Let these guides show you where to find them.

Exploring the Coasts of Costa Rica.png

Exploring the Coasts of Costa Rica

A 10-Day Itinerary Highlighting Black Communities

Traverse Central America's most progressive nation, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coats. Delight in the laid back towns on the Atlantic known for their Caribbean flavors and their wildlife. Then be awed by the nation's most beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast, complete with majestic views and monkeys galore.

Black & Queer in Sao Paulo (1).png

Black & Queer in São Paulo, Brazil

Finding Inclusive Spaces in the Metropolis

In its surface, the hilly concrete jungle knows as Brazil's largest city does not seem very Black or queer. But hidden in plain site of local havens for communal love and respect that embrace everyone who visits them. They are a home in a racially segregated city where homophobia and transphobia are not uncommon. Visit these five places and feel the love the next time you visit São Paulo.

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