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Black Consciousness Month & AfroPunk

November 15-21, 2023

Each registration includes 1 VIP ticket to AfroPunk Bahia

Explore Brazil's Most African City

Salvador da Bahia, the birthplace of Afro-Brazilian culture will greet you with sun, rhythm, flavor, and history. Located in northeastern Brazil, the city's huge bay and tropical coastlines were the first places Africans were brought and enslaved in agriculture, mining, and masonry--birthing one of the world's most powerful economies.

Their descendants continue to retain a cultural richness that fuses African, indigenous, and Portuguese elements into a unique and complex way of life that values Black women, African spirituality, and modern liberation, flavorful cuisine, and finding joy through resistance.

Join us on a six day cultural excursion hosted during Black Consciousness Month, Brazil's nationally recognized celebration of Blackness. And if you're up for it, you can attend AfroPunk Bahia, the eclectic and subversive Black music festival known worldwide.


Join us in Bahia in November for a uniquely curated experience where you will enjoy a customized itinerary dotted with opportunities to explore on your own, all while supporting Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs and the local economy.

Below is a sample itinerary, which is subject to change.

Uncover how Salvador's Black citizens gave birth to a cultural so in tuned with its Africaness. And take some time for yourself to reconnect with nature, people, and your spirit.


Be transformed.

Hop on a 15 minute call with me to chat through the details.

A Balanced Itinerary withYou in Mind

Over the course of 6 days, undergo an authentic cultural immersion in Brazil's Blackest city. Each day will strike a balance between experiential learning, site seeing, and down time that you can curate on your own.

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Day 1 - Meet Black Rome

Descend into beautiful Bahia and be whisked off to a your beachfront hotel suite in one of the city's tourist hubs.

Catch an incredible sunset, then spend a relaxing evening at an exclusive reception welcoming you to this uniquely historical place known as

Black Rome.


Happy Street Vendor_edited.jpg
Historic Center
Day 2 - Untold Black Histories

Begin the morning with meditation and yoga at the beach, and welcome the protection of our ancestors by offering libations on the same shores where Africans first set foot on the continent.

Take a custom walking tour of Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city's historic district to learn about the often untold Black histories. Take in a vegan lunch, then enjoy an afternoon discovering more on your own.

Day 3 - Black Resilience

Meet with local Black activists to learn about their work to strengthen and build community even in the face of racism and economic disparity. Then take a Black owned business shopping tour to engage with local entrepreneurs.

End the evening over gourmet dinner overlooking the tranquil Bay of All Saints.

Martial Arts
Day 4 - Music & Dance

Spend the day learning about the Afro-Brazilian musical traditions and dances. Local artists and instructors will offer a brief explanation on instruments like the berimbau which provides the rhythms for capoeira. And dances will demonstrate, then teach foundational movements of the capoeira martial art form that originated in Africa.

Take some time to relax on the beautiful beach before attending a live cultural spectacle at a local venue.

Day 5 - African Spirituality

Get a glimpse into the well-guarded world of African spiritual traditions and Candomble as it is manifested in a women-led worship communities. Learn about the African Orishas (gods), and have an opportunity to get a spiritual reading. End the day with understanding local herbs used in spritual baths and the total refreshment that they offer.

Water Celebrations
Festive Decorations
Day 6 - Wind Down

Plan the morning at your leisure. Take in sun and an açaí on the beach, or shop for souvenirs at Mercado Modelo.

Later on, join the rest of the group for a farewell reception complete with a unique parting gift that will keep Black Rome on your mind until your next visit!

What Clients Say About My Trips


Being able to not just talk-- but interact, eat, and socialize with [locals] was an invaluable experience that I wouldn't have been able to get from any other travel experience.

- Sonji, medical school admissions director

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Untitled design (6).png

I learned so much about [the Afro-descendant communities] from the tours. It was a good balance to the touristic nature of other places we visited.

- Erica, lawyer

I learned so much about [the Afro-descendant communities] from the tours. It was a good balance to the touristic nature of other places we visited.

- Erica, lawyer

Registration Package

When you register for Black Rome, you are making an active choice to invest in your growth as a global citizen, while also supporting Black and women-owned small businesses.

Here's what's included:

  • Six nights stay in one of Salvador's top beachfront hotels, single occupancy

  • Breakfast each day, and select gourmet meals

  • 1 VIP ticket to each day of AfroPunk Bahia

  • Admission fees for all scheduled tours

  • Transportation to all scheduled events and excursions

  • 'Welcome to Black Rome' bag filled with local treats and gifts

  • Luxurious parting gift

  • Access to pre-departure travel planning resources

Single Occupancy
  • Single occupancy room with sea view



$3,000 USD

Have More Questions?
Join me for a 15 minutes to chat through your options.
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