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Resources that help take your travel to the Next Level.

I share my personal best practices for using travel as a tool for discovery, social impact, and personal growth. ​Use this portfolio of tools and worksheets to guide yourself in being the best traveler that you can be.

Travel Bae Application.jpg
Travel Bae Application

Avoid turning your vacation into a nightmare by making sure you pick the right travel partner. Use the Travel Bae Application to ask the right questions, and make the right choice on whom to share your next trip.

Living My Best Travel Life in 2020.jpg
2020 Travel Vision Worksheet

Take a few moments to create your vision of what travel looks like for you this year. Create a vision of your top travel goals and what it will take to achieve them.

Travel Emergency Preparedness Checklist.
Travel Emergency Prep Checklist

Use these eight quick steps to prepare for a wide range of emergencies that might arise when you travel. Plan for the unexpected and lessen your risk of loss and injury.

Packing Guide - Warm Weather.png
Next Level Packing Guide for Warm Climates

Packing can be a chore, but it does not have to be. Don't get stuck regretting packing too many things you'll never use or wear. Use this quick guide to identify the essential items you need to pack for a 1-2 week trip in warm weather.

Travel As Self-Care Worksheet

Transformative travel requires intention: a guiding thought will shape what you do, how you engage with a destination, and how you frame your experience. Learn how to develop a travel intention and use it to create value and meaningful experiences when you travel. Unlock the transformative power of travel with this tool.

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