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Frequently Asked Questions 




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Do I need to speak Spanish?

Spanish language skills are not required. I speak Spanish or Portuguese and will manage all major business transactions and can translate for travelers where needed.


How do I pay?

You can reserve your spot by paying the full price before the due-date (paid in full discounts available), or paying a deposit followed by several installments. Subsequent installments will be automatically charged to your credit card each month. Each itinerary has its own pricing, due dates, and installment schedule. Pricing for each trip will increase by 15% after the payment deadline.


Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, deposits will not be refunded, but may be transferred to any other AfroBuenaventura trip departing within one year from the date of departure date of the original trip. Any installments made after the deposit will not be refunded. Please see Cancel for Any Reason Insurance to mitigate this risk.


What is NOT included in the trip fees?

  • Roundtrip flight from departure location to destination

  • All meals other than those indicated as included in the package

  • Service gratuity

  • Travel insurance

  • Minor ground transportation for personal travel

  • Travel insurance to cover duration of trip

  • Required immunizations

  • Required passport, visa, customs, and immigration fees


What happens after I pay the deposit to reserve my spot?

After you make the deposit, you will receive access to the Travel Nerds Only portal which includes a Welcome Kit, including full itinerary, accommodations information, pre-departure resources, and the ability to schedule one-on-one travel consultation with me.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. AfroBuenaventura Travels requires that each traveler possess personal, verifiable travel insurance with coverage for the entirety of the trip covering up to $200,000. Anything can happen, and its important to be covered.


I recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance.

Who can attend the trip?

Travelers looking to take their travel to the next level, and those that are open to transformative experiences. AfroBuenaventura Travels offers unique custom curated itineraries. You will not find these trips anywhere else---not in a guidebook, not at a tour agency. I have done the foot work, the research, relationship building, and the planning so that you can enjoy and learn. International experience not required.

AfroBuenaTrips are inclusive of all people. The ideal age range for the trips is 18+. The itineraries are full of day trips, overland travel, some travel by boat, and focused around urban hubs, and often in hot climates. The activities on the itineraries can be physically demanding. Travelers should be in reasonably good health, and be able to sit, stand, and walk independently for considerable amounts of time and varying distances.


All travelers must be willing to sign a liability waiver and show proof of travel insurance which covers the entire duration of the trip, and possess a passport valid thru six months past the return date.


Can I bring friends?

Yup! Make it a one-of-a-kind friends trip! Learn about the Next Level Travel Referral Program and how to save up to $200 on your trip. 

How will housing be coordinated?

Housing will be booked at local hotels and AirBnBs in an area central to the excursions.  Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Single bed accommodations available upon request and for an additional fee. Finalized details will be shared with confirmed travelers after registration and deposit deadlines.


How much spending money should I bring? Should I bring local currency?

Each traveler will receive a Welcome Kit after deposits are paid. It will include destination specific recommendations about how much spending money to bring. I recommend that you have a mix of funds available on a credit/debit card, and in cash that you have converted into the local currency. Bring a variety of bills, since many items you purchase may require small bills and vendors may not be able to break large ones. Also, alert your bank that you may use your card abroad, and to not flag the transactions.

What should I pack?

AfroBuenaventura is #TeamCarryOn: All your stuff should fit in one bag. You are not required to follow this rule, but traveling with only one bag is easier, lighter, and allows you more freedom from worry about loss. I recommend bringing a 30-40 liter main duffel bag that converts into a backpack, and a small, packable day pack. I do not recommend hard, wheeled luggage.  Do not bring anything more than you can comfortably carry. Consult the Travel Essentials section of my blog for more packing tips​.


Is there Malaria or Zika at the destination?


Malaria may be present at some of our destinations. Upon registration, you will be briefed about these and similar personal health issues while traveling. Bring potent insect repellent and a variety of clothing that can cover your legs and arms while keeping you cool.


Should I bring a cellular phone? Computer, tablet?

I recommend purchasing an inexpensive unlocked cellular phone that accepts international SIM cards. Upon arrival to the destination, you can purchase a SIM card and airtime from a local telecom provider. I do not recommend bringing additional devices such as a computer or tablet because they will incur more risk of damage or loss. Generally, Wifi is available and great for Skyping, and using Whatsapp with a cell phone. No cellular service is available in Cuba for foreigners.


Can I share this trip on social media?

Yes! I encourage you to share your AfroBuenaventura Travels experience across your networks by tagging @AfroBuenaventura, and use the hashtags #AfroBuenaTrip #TransformativeTravel.


What will happen in the case of an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, the trip leader will alert the ambulatory assistance, law enforcement, and the US Embassy if required. AfroBuenaventura will have a list and contact number for the nearest medical facility at all times, and will be in charge of coordinating emergency response for the group if required. It is required that all travelers on the trip register with the STEP program through the US Department of State, and that they make copies of their passports. It is recommended that all travelers share itineraries with trusted family and friends stateside. All travelers must be willing to sign a liability waiver and show proof of travel insurance which covers the entire duration of the trip.

Depending on the situation, the trip host will notify the affected traveler's emergency contact as they indicated in the traveler intake process.

See Terms and Conditions for more information.

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