Travel has the power to dismantle generalizations, and reflect one's truth back at oneself.


Just as anything into which time, money, and energy is invested, travel must provide a return on value. The only way this can happen is with a clear intention for its purpose, and how one will engage with the people, places, and things that they will encounter.


Travel is an effective classroom. Itineraries that are carefully crafted in a way that seek authentic, immersive experiences in a sustainable way, present themselves as a place for experiential learning, and opportunities to witness theories and concepts in real life.



I help tourists elevate their travel by providing custom itinerary curation and culturally immersive experiences. I specialize in developing itineraries that center Afro-descendant communities in Latin America, focusing on community development and sustainable tourism.


I began AfroBuenaventura Transformative Travel in 2016 after a trip to a remote fishing village on Colombia's Pacific coast. There, I witnessed youth celebrating the pride they have for their African roots during a folklore festival.


The spirit of that moment charged me with helping Black communities in Latin America tell their stories through sustainable tourism.



More than 20 years of international travel have taught me many lessons in my pursuit of being a better global citizen.


I am fluent in Spanish, and hold a Master's Degree in Public Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and a B.A. in International Business and Spanish from Dillard University. I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay and Costa Rica, and have visited over 15 countries.


My passion for travel and learning is underlined by my role as member of the board of directors for an international education non-profit.

I also hold a certificate in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Florida Atlantic University.

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