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Why You Should Invest in Travel With Me

As a travel professional with dozens of international travel experiences, I am qualified to help take your travel to the next level. It is my job to help you turn your travel investment into an invaluable return. Integrity and quality are my top priorities.

If you've been eyeing one of my trips, but have been hesitant registering, I want to give you four reasons why you should trust me with taking your travel to the next level.

1. Your Money Is Safe

Through my website, each financial transaction you make is secure. As a travel brand professional, my reputation is everything. That is why I use secure payment systems including Moon Clerk (which allows clients to set up payment plans), and Stripe (which securely processes your payment) which is one of the world's leading electronic transaction providers. Additionally, my company refund policies and terms are clearly outlined here. Integrity and quality are priority.

2. Previous Clients Gave Stellar Reviews

I ask my clients to give feedback on their experiences on my trips. Here's what they had to say:

I traveled with AfroBuenaventura to Veracruz, Mexico and the experience was truly amazing! As a first time traveler to Mexico, I was able to see a side of the country that most travelers rarely get to see or experience. I would encourage anyone who wants to have a culturally immersive experience of Afro-Latin culture and history to consider AfroBuenaventura.


I traveled with AfroBuenaventura in Havana, Cuba when he organized a day trip to Viñales. We had a wonderful time [and I] definitely would recommend his tours!


I had an enjoyable and memorable experiencing traveling with AfroBuenaventura to Mexico. It was such a pleasure to get a personalized, behind-the-scenes look at Afro-Mexican culture off the beaten path, and not have to worry about the logistics. Looking forward to the next trip!


3. My Travel Expertise

I considering myself a travel experience curator. Inspired by my own passion for travel, Latin American culture, and African heritage, curating travel allows me the chance to serve others by equipping them with the opportunities to transform their worldview, access people and places that only insiders can, and give them the room to reach their own conclusions about the commonality and shared humanity between us all.

Having lived on three continents, traveled to over a dozen countries, served at a Peace Corps Volunteer, and completed international study qualifies me to facilitate unique experiences that combine education, fun, relaxation, and sustainable tourism that leaves a positive impact.

4. The Value Above and Beyond

Not only do you get complimentary access to my travel expertise through insightful blog posts, downloadable tools, and videos, each trip registrant receives exclusive access to:

  • Virtual Welcome Kit which walks you through preparing for international travel

  • Direct access to me, and support via phone or email leading up to departure

  • Travel swag bag personalized with goodies upon arrival to the destination

  • Dozens of quality photographs of yourself living your best travel life (so you can break the internet)

If you are considering joining a trip, and still have questions, I invite you to choose time on my calendar to have a one-on-one chat with me.

Travel is an investment. And my objective as a travel professional is to help you realize the return on your investment. When you join any of my transformative travel experiences, the value that you gain will be clear.

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