Join me on a group trip, or let me customize one just for you.

I expertly curate immersive travel experiences to some of the Latin America's most unique Afro-decendent communities. Each trip that I offer is balanced with a mix of opportunities for you to learn about the destination and its people, and have time to relax and explore on your own. Here are the ways that you can travel with me!

Curated Group Trip

A multi-day experience featuring a curated itinerary of immersive cultural activities while also allowing you enough free time to explore on your own. The following group trips  are currently open for reservations.

Black Rome

November 23-28, 2022

Ancestral Spirits: A Celebration of Iemanja

January 29 - February 5, 2023

Personalized Itinerary Curation

You and I will talk brainstorm about your dream trip, then I will create a custom itinerary based on your vision. I am currently offering personalized itinerary creation for Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Find some time on my calendar so we can chat about your vision.

Travel Concierge + Personalized Itinerary

Take your trip to the next level by having me as your personal concierge. I will be your one-stop resource for anything you might need at the destination, including: transfers, reservations, language support and translation, safety & security, chauffeur services, and whatever else it takes to make your trip stress-free--even massages and grocery shopping.

If this sounds like the level of support you need, lets chat!