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AfroBuenaventura Partners with ROAM Magazine

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AfroBuenaventura and ROAM Magazine have partnered together for the September and November issues that will feature AfroBuenaventura's content, including articles and original photography! On pages 16-19 of the September issue, you can revisit my journey through the black Mexican town of Coyolillo, and the bittersweet realization that I had about what it might mean to survive as an Afro-Mexican.

You can now join me in Coyolillo in February 2018 for their African influenced version of Carnival!

Connecting with travelers in social media groups can be rewarding. We often share tips, and plan meet ups with folks that happen to be exploring or living in the places we travel. We also connect professionally and help grow each other's brands. That's exactly what happened when I met the moderator of the Black Travel Movement Facebook group, who is also the publisher or ROAM Magazine. The magazine has a loyal online following, and caters to the travel needs of the modern black traveler. They bring together great content developed for travelers, by travelers.

Pay ROAM Magazine a visit, and consider joining the Facebook group to engage even more!

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