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Next Level Travel Referral Program

What Is It?

Referral Program participants can save up to $200 on their trip registration fees! It is the perfect way for friends, couples, and groups to save money. 

How Does It Work?

Any traveler that registers for a trip and recruits someone else to join the same trip will receive $100 off of their trip fees, up to $200 (two referral discounts). To activate the discount, all travelers must register for the same program by the deadline indicated in the payment section on each trip page. Only the recruiting traveler will receive the discount.

Each recruiting traveler must email  (subject line: Referral Code Request) to receive a code, and apply it at checkout when making their first trip payment. If a traveler is already registered and recruits someone later, they may request a referral discount which can be added to their account. 

When Will the Discount Show Up?

The discount will be applied to the recruiter's final payment, after all recruited travelers have registered.

Example of a Successful Referral

Keisha recruits her friends Dana and Shante to join a trip. Keisha emails info@afrobuenaventura and asks for a referral code. Keisha includes this code on the form when she makes her first trip payment. She also shares the code with Dana and Shante, and they include the code on their payment forms, too. Since Keisha is paying on the installment plan, she will receive $200 off of her total trip fees when she makes the final payment for her trip. If she pays the full trip cost upfront, she will recieve her discount immediately.

What are the Restrictions?
  • Recruiting travelers can receive up to 2 referral discounts, totalling a maximum $200 per trip

  • Previously registered travelers cannot be indicated as a referral

  • Recruited travelers cannot request a referral discount

  • Referral discounts cannot be applied with any other offers

  • Referral discounts are not transferable to other travelers or other trips

  • All referral discount requests must be made prior to the final payment due date

  • In the case of trip cancellation on behalf of the recruited, any related discounts to the recruiter will be revoked

    • (ex: If Shawn recruites Dajuan, and Shawn requests a discount, then Dajuan cancels, the discount will not be applied to Shawn's final payment. If Shawn has paid for the trip in-full and received a referral discount, AfroBuenaventura Travels will invoice Shawn for the full amount of the discount and any associated transaction fees).

All program terms subject to change.

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