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Protection of Iemanjá
with You Always


Only a few units remain.

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Yemanya jewelry Candomble
Yemanya jewelry Candomble

As a revered deity from West Africa, Iemanjá is the orisha, or goddess of the sea, protecting and providing for fishermen and mothers. Practitioners of the Candomblé religion in Brazil honor her each February 2 during Festa de Iemanjá, an extravagant celebration that includes giving offerings at the sea, and partying in the streets.

In her honor, I designed a limited edition jewelry which is handcrafted in pure silver by local artisans in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. It commemorates the first Festa de Iemanjá in it's return to pre-pandemic glory. Each time you wear it, you will be reminded of Iemanjá's protection.


Pure Silver Handcrafted with Care

Each unique piece carries the characteristics of pure silver worked by hand, and crafted with care by local Black and women artisans in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Your purchase includes two silver charms: one of Iemanjá sporting an afro, with arms stretched outward in an expression of joy, stamped with the commemorative year 2023 on the reverse; and a white cowrie shell symbolizing wealth and fertility, mounted on silver; strung on a 50 centimeter Cordão Baiano 925 silver chain, which mimics the sisal ropes fishermen use in the local seaports.

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