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Let me bring your Brazil travel vision to life!

Group trips not your thing?  I got you!

Let me custom curate an itinerary for you for a trip to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil based on your vision. Tell me the things you'd like to do, and I will tap my personal network of artists, musicians, culture creators to craft a travel experience that you've always dreamed up. I will also arrange for you to stay in the hotels and accommodations that match your comfort level. 


I have contacts at some of the best hotels in town. And the pricing I get by working with them, will beat anything you can find only. Or I can custom curate a list of Airbnbs that will offer you the best quality, proximity to attractions, and safety.


Tell me what you want to do, and we will make it happen!

Salvador da Bahia has a lot to offer, but most tourists don't know this. You and I will spend time talking about your dream trip, and the things you'd like to do during your visit. I will also offer you a list of options such as renting a boat to watch the sunset, having a chef teach you how to make local foods, getting away to pristine beaches, or relaxing while having a massage, and more.

Concierge Services

Whatever you need, I got you!

I offer concierge services so that your trip is stress-free. Concierge services include language support, making reservations and conducting financial transactions on your behalf, guidance, and optional accompaniment, and more.

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