What is Next Level Travel?

Next Level Travel will free you to find your magic.

Not having to worry about the details of planning a trip, frees you up for finding your magic. AfroBuenaventura will curate a travel experience for you, and provide you the resources to become a traveler that is well-prepared to engage the world with intentionality, curiosity, and thoughtfulness.

Expertly Prepared
You won't have to worry about doing any of the planning for an AfroBuenaventura trip that you join. You will partake in a custom curated trip without having to worry about the details. You'll be equipped with the necessary travel tools to make sure that you trip is safe and effortless. You will never have to "figure it out on your own". Registration to any trip provides you exclusive access to tools, videos, thought leadership, and direct access to me when you need it.

Each AfroBuenaventura Trip is is crafted to be a balance of everything that you want from a trip: relaxation, education, and recreation. You'll experience the wonder of learning new things, having time to recuperate and reflect, and countless opportunities to experience pure joy and excitement.


Each itinerary is expertly crafted to support organizations that have a grass-roots model which positively impacts local communities. AfroBuenaventura collaborates with entities that provide authentic cultural experiences that other tourists don’t have access to, and initiatives that have the community’s best interest in mind.

Here are three ways you can find your magic with AfroBuenaventurave Transformative Travels

  1. Have all of the fun with none of the worry when you join an immersive travel experience.

  2. Commission a customized itinerary tailored to your interests.

  3. Download FREE Afrobuenaventura Tools to prepare for travel.